20 Best Portable Air Compressor in 2023 (All Price Ranges)

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A dependable air compressor is a must-have if you own a garage and one or more vehicles. They allow you to conduct necessary maintenance on your vehicle like powering air tools or simply inflating a tire. However, picking the right air compressor for your needs may be a tough challenge to tackle. There are plenty … Read more

17 Best Mechanics Creeper in 2023 (All Price Ranges)

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Whether you work on your car as a hobby or you are a professional mechanic, a mechanic creeper is going to be useful at some point. One of the most difficult tasks is accessing the undercarriage of a vehicle while it’s not on-ramps, floor jacked, or on a lift, and that is where a creeper … Read more

25 Best Floor Jacks in 2023 (All Price Ranges)

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One of the most common and useful tools in any garage is a floor jack. Whether you are a professional mechanic or the type of person that likes to work on your own car chances are you own one (or several). Sure, having a two-post lift would be nice in your home garage but they … Read more

11 Best Mud Tires in 2023

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“The road less traveled” is a phrase that could take on several different interpretations depending on who you ask, but the overall sense of the phrase remains the same. Challenging, difficult, or maybe even impossible are some words that can best describe it, and yet people still choose the road less traveled. After all, to … Read more

11 Best All Terrain Tires in 2023 (All Price Ranges)

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Being prepared means being ready for anything that might come your way, whether that’s dressing for the weather, or maybe having the right tools ready and at your disposal, but being fully prepared doesn’t just cover just what’s on your person but also what’s on your vehicle, and nothing screams, “I’m ready for anything!”, more … Read more

11 Best Winter Tires in 2023

The leaves have changed and fallen, the comfortable fall clothing has switched to heavy winter jackets, you’ve stepped outside into a white wonderland, yes there is no mistaking it now winter is finally here. With winter here you have plenty of things to worry about, the holidays, your in-laws, ski trips, and staying warm, but … Read more

17 Best All Season Tires for Cars in 2023

Whether you’re screaming down the highway on a hot summer’s day or whether you’re driving a snow-covered back road on a cold winter night there is always something you can count on being different, the weather! And with all the changes in weather conditions, a lot of people are looking for a tire that can … Read more

How To Patch A Tire

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Being a professional mechanic is waking up every day and not knowing what kind of issues or problems are going to roll into your garage. That being said there are a few issues when it comes to automobiles that stay pretty constant, and one of those is “flat tires”. By this point, I’m sure every … Read more

How To Replace A Valve Stem

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When changing tires there are many mandatory tasks that a certified tire technician or an automotive mechanic must do throughout the process. For instance, clearing the rim of any corrosion or rust so that the tire bead can adhere properly, properly prepping the new tire for installation with bead sealer, and in the case of … Read more