The Dangers of Putting Too Much Oil In Your Car

Check your motor oil level

Filling up the gas tank in your car is something you probably do almost every week. But another item that should be taken care of regularly to ensure your vehicle runs properly is a routine oil change. This ensures that all of the engine parts can operate smoothly and continue to run for many years … Read more

6 Reasons Why Your Car Shuts Off While Driving

6 Reasons Why Your Car Shuts Off Whiles Driving

There are several reasons your car shut off while in motion. In recent car models, several sensors, functions, and mechanisms are involved and must work together so that your car can run smoothly. Some vehicle parts are more infamous than others for causing problems like stalling while driving. Listed below are some of the common … Read more

Types of Drills – Know Your Drills!

types of drills feature image

Are you looking for the right drill for a particular project? There are countless drills available on the market today and knowing what drill to use for the right job can be quite overwhelming! In this article, you will learn accurate information about the various drills one might find on the market today. We have … Read more

How To Professionally Install A Tire Using A Tire Machine

positioning of the valve stem to mount outer bead

One of the many tasks a mechanic can encounter on a weekly basis is installing a set of tires for a customer. Whether it’s a brand new set of tires replacing the old or a seasonal change the process remains the same. Now, this post to going to approach the process from the standpoint that … Read more

How To Patch A Tire

how to patch a tire

Being a professional mechanic is waking up every day and not knowing what kind of issues or problems are going to roll into your garage. That being said there are a few issues when it comes to automobiles that stay pretty constant, and one of those is “flat tires”. By this point, I’m sure every … Read more

How To Replace A Valve Stem

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When changing tires there are many mandatory tasks that a certified tire technician or an automotive mechanic must do throughout the process. For instance, clearing the rim of any corrosion or rust so that the tire bead can adhere properly, properly prepping the new tire for installation with bead sealer, and in the case of … Read more

Different Types of Headlights

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When you are driving at night or encountering challenging weather conditions, you may sometimes forget that your headlights are one of the most important parts of your vehicle. They allow you to see the road ahead and are one of the main sources of comfort and safety when it comes to automobiles. “What are the … Read more