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Need help with finding the best tires, tools, and all-around items for your vehicles or garage? Here at Mechanic Approved you are covered by actual Tire Technician and Mechanic reviews for everything you need!

How We Are Different

Here at Mechanic Approved every tire, item, and tool is reviewed and tested by real-life Tire Technicians and Mechanics. We are tired of consumers and everyday drivers getting misinformation of companies that just want you to buy their products without explaining what kind of quality, performances, or lack thereof, you are purchasing.

So whether you are a professional mechanic, a “Do it yourself” home garage guy/girl, or a know-nothing beginner, we are here to catch you up to speed with our real-life experiences with everything automotive related that we have seen or used in our garage. Most if not all items we choose to write about here we have either heard opinions from real mechanics or used ourselves, so you can be sure all reviews will be factually based on real-life experiences.

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Codi Moxie – Certified Tire Technician/Mechanic

My name is Codi and I have been interested in automotive mechanics for as long as I can remember. Today I am a professional mechanic as well as a certified tire technician with over 10 years of combined professional experience.

I started this website because over the years I have noticed an increasing trend of false information among customers and automotive professionals alike. So I have gone to great lengths to provide the most factual information about tools, vehicles, companies, and other automotive products so that anyone can be provided with solid information on what they might be looking for. 

I was born in South Florida and am currently located in Western Pennsylvania. I have seen how vehicles and tools respond to all types of weather conditions and scenarios over the years and I am happy to share every bit of automotive and mechanical knowledge I possess to help better inform the general public. Here at Mechanic Approved, our goal is to provide the best automotive mechanic information so that both customers and professionals can make better-informed purchases.